Hello Friends and welcome to the HoneyBadgerLife blog. Some of you may be fans of my YouTube channel or Instagram posts and others may have wandered over based on a search engine result. Wherever you are coming from or however you got here is unimportant all that matters is Yay!! You are here.

I guess after such an enthusiastic welcome, you want to know what HoneyBadgerLife is all about. Well HoneyBadgerLife is about living a life without apology or regrets. It’s about being your best self and getting the best out of life.

With the above in mind I focus on all the things that interest me, challenge me and make me happy, these include Skincare, Cosmetics, Food, Family, Fashion and numerous Hobbies (F1, Gaming, Politics, Popular Culture etc.)

I live and work in London and I try to experience all the joy life can bring, through hard work and positivity, so join me as I review and test skincare and beauty products, eat out and cook up a storm in London as well as providing musings and life lessons to my younger self.

My motto is to remember that life is sweet if you live a HoneyBadgerLife.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you frequently.