I searched high and low and you will soon see how far and how wide I searched as you take this journey with me.

Remember what I am seeking my search for my Holy Grail skincare is:

Balanced, even, well moisturised, glowing skin.

Radiance has always been my holy grail due to my hyperpigmentation issues. Though I have always sought products which took care of all my skin issues, now that will be a Holy Grail. However, the older I get the more I realise that it may be best for me to get singular products for my individual issues.

I sometimes go to Make Up Alley to see what everyone is raving about and I saw this product had a near perfect review score. As usual I was hesitant to try this product as all the reviews were by people with skin paler than mine and I was not sure I was going to shell out the £155 this was going to cost just to trial a product I wasn’t sure was going to work.

Being the type of girl who is always willing to take a punt and also willing to be out of pocket in the hope I find the one, the one to rule them all, I gathered up all my pennies and went to the only store that stocked this product in London; Harrods.

This product was an experience, it is one of the handful of products I have used and still go crazy about. The primary ingredient is Asorbic Acid, which is Vitamin C in layman’s terms and is a very effective radiance and hyperpigmentation clarifier. Vitamin C is notoriously difficult to use as an ingredient as it loses it efficacy very quickly. So I was astounded that 6 months after I bought the product it was not only still effective it had graduated into a Holy Grail product.

This was also unusual as it was stored in a jar which meant exposure to oxygen which means the product breaks down quickly as it oxidises with constant exposure to the elements particularly water, air and sunlight.

I initially started using this product every night for about 5 months, I then started introducing it into my daytime skincare routine every other day. The cream feels powdery and spreads easily and also mattifies the skin, I tended to use it on its own in my nighttime routine but under moisturiser in the daytime.

Don’t forget the sunscreen if using this during the day, this is very important as you can exacerbate your hyperpigmentation issues if you don’t, you have been warned!!!

This cream clarified my skin giving it radiance and a nice glow. It has also evened up my complexion which means there has a noticeable improvement, a blurring of the lines between the darker and lighter areas of my face.

I decided to stop using the product during the day and only use it at night as my other skin issues (acne, dry patches, ageing) where not being addressed.

This product is best for people with skin like mine that have hyperpigmentation, however I would not recommend it if you have very dry skin. The effects of each application lasts for 2 days, so as you use it regularly the skin maintains its radiance and the skin evens outs into one colour.

I have to admit this product is fantastic, regardless of having a wonderful diet and doing exercise, nah nah nah nah nah. So no need to change my very bad dietary and gym habits!

I recommend this and rate it a THRILL!

However I do feel better packaging, a pump instead of a jar would have made the product even better.