I’m all about the skin, as far as I’m concerned the only purpose to make up is to enhance our already healthy skin and beautiful faces.

To that end the first tenet is Genes.

Some people are lucky and come out of the womb with amazing normal fabulous skin, glowing with good health, smoothness and vitality. I’m not one of those, I have combination oily skin very oily nose and cheeks with a dry forehead and chin and a dash of hyperpigmentation which makes it look like I have an aggressive moustache  and mild acne on both my cheeks.

The acne brings me to the next tenet which is Diet.

My acne gets worse when my diet is terrible, which it currently is as I don’t have a kitchen and won’t have one until March 2017. So I am existing on takeaways and prepackaged foods. When I did have a kitchen my diet wasn’t the best, but it ensured I had a routine with some healthy meals. The key part of a good skincare diet for me is eating fresh green leafy vegetables like spinach, rocket, kale, eating lots of good proteins like tuna, salmon, chicken, drinking a lot of water, up to 2 liters a day. Also limiting the amount of sugar I consume is important and also very difficult as I like to have chocolate everyday, macarons fortnightly and cake weekly. This doesn’t include chocolate mousses, sweet fizzy drinks etc. I love sweet things, with a name like Honey can you blame me. As I said my diet is atrocious, but I try to improve it more for the looks of my skin than my health because I am vain. 

The next step is Exercise.

Exercise enables your skin to sweat out impurities, improve circulation by pumping oxygenated blood around the body and regulating the healthy balance of the skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body and most definitely benefits from all the above. I confess I am one of the most sedentary people in the world I don’t tend to move a lot.

However, I do try to incorporate some exercise into my daily routine which is primarily a 20 minute brisk walk to the tube station and back everyday. I admit I need to do more is my exercise mantra and I admit I’m just lazy which is why I rely so much on my skincare products which is the last part of the skincare  Quatrinity

Skincare Products.

Skincare products, are my final and most relied upon tenent. The first part to product efficacy is having a very good skincare product routine, however it must contain as a minimum sunscreen protection, cleanser, exfoliant and moisturiser.

My skincare routine is over engineered of course, this is because I tend to overthink it and overcompensate as I do not always meet the other tenents to good skincare. 

If we weighted all the above tenets with maximum scores of 25 to achieve 100 points of excellent skincare, I will score myself 15 for Genes, 5 for Diet, 5 for Exercise and 15 for Products as I don’t believe my current skincare product routine is appropriate and I don’t think I am currently using the best products for what I want to achieve for my skin.

So 40 out of 100 will be my score. If I up my skin product game, I could raise this to 50, which I believe will get me some way to my goal; I want balanced, even, well moisturised, glowing skin. I know I know, why not improve your Diet and Exercise I hear you say. Well like everyone else, I am looking for a shortcut which is painless and instant to great skin.

So to that end I will be overhauling my skincare routine and searching for holy grails so I have a consistent daytime and nighttime routine with the very best products for my skin. I am excited to start this journey as I can’t wait to try out lots of products to find the best products for me. I love to shop and I am a product junkie so this is heaven. 

Based on my experience of keeping the share price of numerous skin care firms buoyant and based on my some might say spendthrift nature of buying and trying expensive products. I am arrogantly assuming there will be a lot of appreciation of my experiences with said products.

My ethos is this, I will provide detailed, fair and consistent feedback on this journey as I have no skin in the game (pun intended).