In the picture you will see the morning skincare products I am currently using, they aren’t all Holy Grail and I may get around to reviewing a few of them in the next few weeks, however these are the products I am currently using on my way to getting my skin to where I want it to be.

If we weighted my Quatrinity tenets with maximum scores of 25 each to achieve 100 points of excellent skincare, I will score myself 15 for Genes, 5 for Diet, 5 for Exercise and 15 for Products as I don’t believe my current skincare product routine is appropriate and I don’t think I am currently using the best products for what I want to achieve for my skin. 

So 40 out of 100 will be my score. If I up my skin product game, I could raise this to 50, which I believe will get me some way to my goal; I want balanced, even, well moisturised, glowing, ageless skin and I am seeking my Holy Grail products. 


Early morning cleansing with a foam cleanser


Liquid gentle exfoliation similar to a toner which removes dead skin and encourages skin cell turnover and renewal.

BRIGHTENING – Zelens Z Luminous Brightening Serum

Once the exfoliator dries down, I move unto this step. This is to help heal my acne, increase radiance by removing my hyper-pigmentation and to protect my skin from free radicals.

HYDRATING SERUM – Clarins Hydraquench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase

I wait for the brightening serum to be fully absorbed and then move unto this step. This is to add moisture to my skin and retain it. This contains, hyaluronic acid which is stated to act like a sponge holding vast amounts of water in the skin, as well as improving the skin’s hydration and texture of the skin.


I use this step to add extra moisture to my skin, plump up my skin and retain the moisture in my skin.

FACE OIL – On Trial

This stage is to seal in the moisture from the above steps.


This is to protect my skin against sun damage via UVA and UVB rays.

I will be updating as I trial new products as part of my updated morning time regimen