Foundation, the base of make-up, without this the image one wants to portray can be compromised. I use foundation to create a seamless, partially flawless base to my make-up. It is there to blend out my numerous imperfections (particularly my hyper pigmentation) but still keep me recognisable.

This is why my foundation preference is usually light to medium coverage. I also generally tend to wear make-up in the week for work as I think it pulls together my look and gives me a professional presentable and completed gloss.

As with anything, ensuring your foundation is right for you means it has to match your skin tone, the skin on your face. Many times I have been advised to match my foundation to my neck or my chest, however as my neck and face are closely similar shades and my neck is rarely exposed in addition to the fact that there is a high likelihood of my foundation staining my clothes due to the dark pigment, it makes sense for my foundation to match my face and my face only.

My Holy Grail foundation has always been Lancôme Teint Miracle 12 Ambre £30 as you can see from the picture of a manky foundation bottle with nearly all the lettering rubbed off in the feature picture.

I know I deserve to be harshly judged as I have been using this foundation for 2 and a bit years, though it expired within 18 months of use. As I don’t tend to wear a lot of foundation I find it rather difficult to finish a 30 ml bottle in 18 months. Anyway the expiry date of 18 months is for good reason as I found that the colour had changed quite dramatically and had become very orange and no longer matched my complexion.

I used the expiry of my Lancôme Holy Grail foundation to start a quest for a replacement. As this was summer and I had fallen down the YouTube rabbit hole, I decided to spread my wings and live a little. Unfortunately this turned out to be expensive as I made a few mistakes along the way.

See below for video chronicling my mistakes and my comments around this quest to provide a helpful guide for your future foundation purchase.