Hello Friends,

I thought it would be useful for me to investigate the deepest and darkest shades of foundation one can get on the UK high street. For my non-UK resident friends, the high street is the British colloquial term for drugstore or affordable shops.

To be clear my affordable threshold is set at £15 or below.

I think this article is important and pertinent as I have always been beholden to the higher end retailers and brands to get foundation colours in my shade. Which has meant I have had to spend an enormous amount of money finding the right foundation shade for me.

I believe that this quest allows me to provide an overview of what affordable beauty brands  are stocked on the high street as well as the darkest foundation shades in those ranges.

Unfortunately as I Iive in London there might be an inherent bias as I have access to bigger retail stores which are more likely to stock a wide variety of shades, however to add further value to this quest, I will be swatching the darkest  foundation shades in each range of each brand to provide some guidance on suitability for skin and shade types. This means that if you are looking to buy a foundation online from these retailers and brands my quest should help provide some useful context.

Please don’t hesitate to request swatches of particular brands and ranges for this Foundation Quest.I will be looking to provide these every month.