Hello friends, as quoted from Oliver! the musical…

Food, glorious food,
Hot sausage and mustard!
While we’re in the mood —
Cold jelly and custard!
Peas pudding and saveloys
What next is the question?
Rich gentlemen have it, boys —
in digestion!

I love food, I adore food, I am obsessed with food and I am addicted to food. I declare this with such pride and joy.

Combining my love of food with my love of fashion in an image obsessed society is difficult. I happen to live in the UK where the acceptable aesthetic of a woman is that of a slender, big boobed, medium height, paler hued human of female persuasion. This is understandable since this is the majority of the female population of the UK in varying degrees.

The above means representation of a moderately rotund, squat, medium boobed, darker skinned woman in UK society is limited. I am lucky to have been raised in a society; Nigeria where majority of the female population looked similar to me in hue, size and aesthetic which contributed to my innate confidence in my looks and body. This has enabled me to indulge my love of food with impunity until recently as my usual consumption in both variety and volume has remained constant for almost a decade.

I have noticed a change in my body, especially an increase in girth around my middle. I have never had the flattest of stomachs, however I could suck it in to give a moderately clean line under clothes. Those days now seem to be over!!!!

I am loath to change my diet, but needs must. However, I want to be very clear that my focus on reducing my expanding contours, in no way shape of form should be interpreted as a rejection of my body or loving myself. I am doing this for purely investment reasons.

Let me explain, I have been the same dress size for nearly seven years and with that comes an investment in my wardrobe in monetary, love and sentimental terms. I refuse to give up on my wardrobe as I adore my clothes and I have had majority of my clothes for longer than 5 years. Accepting my increasing girth and buying a new wardrobe is not an option as most of my wardrobe cannot be replaced.

It is with this in mind that I put together my video on the foods I eat which are making me fat, an audit to remind myself of the food I love and how this may have to change if I want to hang on to the clothes I love. Hopefully I will be able to glean some tips or advice from members of the honeybadgerlife community to reduce my girth and slow down my march towards increased rotundness.